Steve Cooley, LA District Attorney at the pennacle – Supreme Court orders California to free thousands from crowded prisons

Steve Cooley's operation "Greenback". Throw the book at them.  I don't care if who goes free.  My friends will get their money.

Steve Cooley’s operation “Greenback”. Throw the book at them. I don’t care if who goes free. My friends will get their money.

The supreme court orders the release of California inmates, 40% of which Steve Cooley is responsible for adding to the population as part of his “operation greenback”.  The more felony convictions out of LA County, the more state prisoners, and the more money that goes to the hands of long time friend and supporter Michael Antonovich, one of five LA County Board of Supervisors.  As part of AB109 LA County receives money from the state base on the felony statistics turned in by former DA Steve Cooley.  The more felony charges, the more cash flow into the Board of Supervisors hands to divvy up to the DAs office, the sheriffs department, etc.  Zev Yaroslavsky one of the LA County Board of Supervisors weighs in as he awaits more cash.  It is much more fun to blame their foe and Democrat Jerry Brown who has had to deal with Steve Cooley’s mess for the past couple of years.  Thank you Steve Cooley for the future rapes, murders, thefts and violent crimes about to be committed.  Oh, and thank you for allowing Conrad Murray to be back on the streets in, what five more years.

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Steve Cooley is running a Political Smear Machine out of the District Attorney’s Office?

Steve Cooley is running a political smear campaign on county time

Steve Cooley is running a political smear campaign on county time.

It seems Steve Cooley is so distracted by his smear campaign that upholding the law is the last thing on his agenda.  He is so distracted by taking out his own employees that fair justice and putting bad guys away is last on his agenda. 

Sources inside the Los Angeles County District Attorneys’ office have informed us that Steve Cooley’s political smear machine is up and running.  This may be a throw back to the days when William H. Parker ran L.A. in a way that would make J. Edgar Hoover blush. 
Cooley has assigned staff who dedicate their energies and County time to attack those who dare to challenge his view of the world.
With Joe Scott enjoying his pension on a beach somewhere, one of his sleazy weapons was to unleash Deputy District Attorney David Berger to handle the “dirty work.”
Berger, who has been somewhat of a “butt boy” for Cooley for the past decade spends all his time on his obscure blogs, sending out fabricated accusations about one challenger or another.  On one day alone last week, Berger sent out 18 tweets from his faux twitter account.  He continuously attempted to smear fellow Deputy D.A.’s in the L.A. County Prosecutors Office with all sorts of half-truths, and fabricated allegations.  Berger would have you believe that he’s just expressing his first amendment rights, which he’s entitled to do. But common sense tells you that if he didn’t have the approval of his superiors, including Cooley and his joined-at-the-hip co-hort, Jacquelyn “Jackie” Lacey, he wouldn’t be attacking so fiercely.
But what’s it all about?  Why would an old, grrizzled politician, in the autumn of his career who’s been known to enjoy a cocktail or two after hours, and a veteran career prosecutor like Lacey, want to smear colleagues and friends?
As one observer noted, “The same arrogance he brought to the Attorney General’s race is employed every day at the top levels of the D.A.’s office. After  twelve years, Cooley thinks he owns the office. Jackie will do anything to get promoted. It’s time for a change.”
The story takes us back to Cooley and Lacey’s hatred of a group of veteran Deputy District Attorneys in the D.A.’s office who had the audacity to form a labor organization that was designed to represent the employment interests of all deputies inside the office.  The “ADDA” or otherwise known as the Association of Deputy District Attorneys have struggled for years to organize an Association that would collectively represent their employment issues. Cooley did not want his deputies to organize for fear they could challenge his arrogant policies, and he would not be able to manipulate them so easily as he has done in the past. 
He engaged in retaliatory tactics by transferring perceived enemies to less desirable posts. He also issued poor performance evaluations to union leaders after they engaged in union-related activities.
According to California Lawyer Magazine Steve Cooley Under Siege  – June 2011 edition the Los Angeles County district attorney faces federal civil charges that he retaliated against union leaders and chilled participation in a nascent labor organization for deputy D.A’s.”  Take Robert Dver, a veteran prosecutor. Dver sought the advice of Jacquelyn Lacey, a close friend and a top official at the DA’s office, before deciding whether to join the bargaining team of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys (ADDA) in 2008. According to testimony he gave to the L.A. County Employee Relations Commission (ERCOM) before the federal suit was filed, Lacey warned Dver that Cooley disliked the newly certified prosecutors’ union. But the top prosecutor told Dver that the union was going to be a disaster, and encouraged him to join two other deputy DAs in efforts to undermine the organization.
Lacey made a fautian bargain with Cooley.  If she agreed to support his union busting agenda, he would publicly promote her as his successor.  She held up her end of the bargain. Now he finds himself stuck promoting a candidate as his successor whom he’s told several members of the legal community “has no chance.” Ironically, with Cooley’s help, Lacey has only raised a measly $125,000.  Not nearly enough to run a highly contested L.A. County campaign.
In a preliminary injunction filed in March, U.S. District Court Judge Otis D. Wright called the evidence provided by the union against Cooley and Lacey “striking and rampant,” and ordered Cooley’s office to stop “discriminating or retaliating against members of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys on the basis of their membership in ADDA.”
And a November decision in the ERCOM proceedings identified “a deliberate and thinly disguised campaign” by the DA’s office to “destroy” ADDA through a “pattern of antiunion conduct so overt and vehement, it harkens back to an earlier and less civil time in employer-employee relations.”
It is unheard of for a Federal Court to issue an injunction against a sitting District Attorney. According to the “Memorandum of Understanding Re: Settlement” dated Sept. 19,2011 the county will pay the ADDA $125,000 for Cooley’s and Lacey’s wrongdoings, and will pay Dep. D.A. Marc Debbaudt $440,000 for the pain and suffering Cooley/Lacey caused him. And that’s just one plaintiff; there are three more plaintiffs involved now in settlement negotiations over the unlawful actions of Cooley/Lacey. Moreover, this settlement stipulates that the injunction is to be declared permanent and in full effect for as long as Cooley is the D.A. — “including both his current term and any subsequent terms.”
The County taxpayers are likely to get stuck paying the tab for $5 to $7 million dollars in civil damages due to the wrongful mismanagement conduct of Cooley and Lacey.

At a time when government services are being cut up and down, they’re wasting taxpayer money to settle their personal misconduct. It’s outrageous and the County Supervisors should refuse to pay it. What’s your opinion?

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Stupid on Crime: Steve Cooley’s “Operation Greenback” will ensure Conrad Murray gets out sooner then you think

Steve Cooley's operation "Greenback". Throw the book at them. I don't care if Murray goes free. I want my money.

Prison sentences ensure LA County’s meal ticket.  According to the Honorable John W. Kennedy, the funding for AB109 is based on…. wait for it… the number of “felons” Cooley produces out of LA County.  Cooley’s policies are all about $$$$, not fairness or justice.  As long as Steve Cooley is brining in the cash, you can be sure guys like Conrad Murray will get early release.  Cooley and Antonovich are blaming Jerry Brown for the transfer of prisoners, but Cooley’s new plan is to make everyone as possible a state prison potential.

The Honorable John W. Kennedy said, “The Legislature provided each county with funding for implementation of AB 109.  Unfortunately, the funding formula was based on the number of defendants typically sentenced to state prison in each county.”  The way Steve Cooley can get money for LA County is to send as many people as possible to state prison.  Prosecuting as many people for felony convictions is the way to keep the bank rolling for LA County.  Why do you think Antonovich is stumping for his good buddy Cooley at every possible Kodak moment.  Cooley is Michael Antonivich’s meal ticket, and as long as Cooley is pumping out felons, the Board of Supervisors can depend on their paycheck from the Legislature.

Cooley is the catalyst to speed up the chemical reaction called “Operation Greenback”.  As long as Cooley stamps “felon” we will have overcrowded prisons, Antonvich will be happy and Cooley’s chumps (Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson) are all set to become the next DA of LA County.  No wonder Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson are imitating Cooley and continue to brag about the “lowest crime rate in 60 years”, while the highest numbers of felons ever are sent to state prison from LA County.

SO UP THE CHARGES DA’S!  No plea bargains and no deals.  Guys like Murray will be out in a week.

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Steve Cooley and Conrad Murray “Didn’t do anything wrong.”

Phoney baloney
Image by lonelysandwich via Flickr

Between Conrad Murray saying, “I don’t feel guilty because I didn’t do anything wrong,” and Steve Cooley admitting no wrong doing for the prison overcrowding crisis, we have a complete sham of a justice system.  The murderer of the world’s favorite icon, despite the guilty verdict, will receive no justice and Murray gets manslaughter and little to no time in jail.  Even if the judge sentences Murray to 4 years, Sheriff Baca has to reduce all sentences equally.  If Baca receives another nonviolent prisoner with similar charges, he has to let them out at the same formula of reduced sentences or at least he is supposed to reduce them equally.

Under AB109 Baca has more authority then Cooley would like and Cooley finds it irritating that Baca could have the authority of a judge.  Under AB109, Baca can change the judge’s sentence?  That’s right.  Cooley doesn’t like the fact that Baca could undermine the judge to keep law and order in the jails.  Cooley says about Baca, “he will he apply whatever mystery early release standards he has.”  But Cooley simply can’t bring himself to look in the mirror and realize that the chain of events started with Cooley himself and his inadequate ability to foresee this crisis 10 years in the making.

Cooley blames Jerry Brown, and will soon blame Sheriff Baca when Baca is forced to free Murray with GPS monitoring.  Cooley will ultimately point the finger at Sheriff Baca and make him the bad guy in the media when Murray walks out of county jail.  Stupid on Crime started way before this trial and has been going on for 10 years under Cooley, but Cooley will certainly seek photo opportunities and news interviews to find someone else to blame other than his own failure to run an efficient, streamlined and fair office.  Even handed justice under Cooley?  Think of Michael Jackson and think again.

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Prosecutors Seek Four Years in Jail for Michael Jackson Doctor: 10 years of Steve Cooley’s failure

Michael Jackson Ster

Image via Wikipedia

By Reuters at TheWrap

Wed Nov 23, 2011 4:48pm EST

(Reuters) – Prosecutors on Wednesday asked a judge to sentence Michael Jackson’s former doctor to the maximum four years in prison for his involuntary manslaughter conviction in the singer’s 2009 death.

In a separate court filing, defense attorneys for Dr. Conrad Murray, 58, sought to convince Los Angeles trial judge Michael Pastor to sentence their client to probation.

The dueling legal papers come in advance of a hearing on Tuesday at which Pastor will issue his sentence for Murray, who is currently in jail awaiting that court date.

Jackson was found lifeless at his mansion on June 25, 2009, about three weeks before he was due to begin a series of comeback concerts in London.

Murray was at the singer’s house and had given him the powerful anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid, which medical examiners said was the chief cause of his death.

Doctors testified at the trial that propofol, which is often used for surgery, should never be given in a home setting without adequate staffing and equipment.

In seeking to justify their request for a maximum prison sentence of four years for Murray, prosecutors David Walgren and Deborah Brazil argued that the doctor took advantage of Jackson’s trust in him, all while being under salary for $150,000 a month.

“Instead of utilizing his medical knowledge and training to provide Mr. Jackson with proper medical care, the defendant acted as an employee and as a drug dealer and completely corrupted the trust necessary in a proper doctor-patient relationship,” prosecutors stated.

Defense attorneys said in their court papers that Murray’s “background and character” warrant a sentence of probation, not prison time. They also cited his history of treating poor patients regardless of their ability to pay.

“Dr. Murray has been described as a changed, grief-stricken man, who walks around under a pail of sadness since the loss of his patient, Mr. Jackson,” defense lawyers stated.

Legal experts have said that, because of overcrowding in California prisons, Murray may spend as little as a few months behind bars regardless of what he receives as a sentence.

California adopted a new law in October that sends low-risk prison inmates to county jails, and in turn officials who run Los Angeles county jails have been releasing inmates early because of a lack of space.

“It will be very difficult to achieve an appropriate sentence of incarceration for Dr. Conrad Murray,” Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley, whose office prosecuted the case, told reporters earlier this month.

In addition, an attorney for Jackson’s estate said in a court filing that the singer would have earned $100 million had he completed all 50 shows at London’s O2 arena that he was scheduled to perform before his death.

Murray has been in jail since November 7 awaiting his sentencing hearing, due to a decision by Pastor to not allow him to remain free until that upcoming hearing.

That decision was made on the same day that a Los Angeles found Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter after a six-week trial.

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LA Supervisor Michael Antonovich stumps for his good buddy Steve Cooley regarding prison overcrowding and Blames Jerry Brown

LA Board of Supervisors Michael Antonovich says the prison overcrowding crisis is Jerry Brown's fault

LA Board of Supervisors Michael Antonovich says the prison overcrowding crisis is Jerry Brown's fault

With the prison overcrowding crisis the topic of every major news paper and TV show, Californian’s await for the first released “AB 109’er” to add yet another crime to their rap sheet.  According to the Alahambra Rotary Club newsletter, where Cooley spoke about DNA and such, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office prosecutes 60,000 felony cases and 120,000 misdemeanor cases every year.  Where do the felons go you may ask?  Cooley would like the criminals to go to state prison, but uh oh, there is no more room and they are getting sent back to Steve Cooley and sheriff Baca faster than Cooley can prosecute them.

Steve Cooley is blaming Jerry Brown for AB 109, but who has been in charge for the past 10 years?  We know who, but the media hasn’t quite caught on yet, or they are conveniently leaving that part out. 

The fact is that Steve Cooley has been in charge for the past 10+ years.  If 60,000 felons a year are correct, then for the past 10 years Steve Cooley has felonized 600,000 people, if they were all convicted.  That is a lot of felons under his heavy weight 3 term “historic” position as the elected District Attorney of Los Angeles.   Of course many were probably plea bargained down to lesser charges.  Did Steve Cooley have any idea this crisis was coming?  What has he done about it for the last 10 years?  Don’t worry, we don’t know either.

But, What we do know is that Michael Antonovich and Steve Cooley are good friends.  In 2008, the LA Board of Supervisors approved a 30% raise for Steve Cooley making him the second highest paid elected official, just under good ol’ George W, the president of the United States at that time.  Even Dick Cheney wasn’t paid as much as Steve Cooley.  But, in the debate against  Attorney General Kamala Harris last year, Steve Cooley said about his salary, “I earned it,” which may have cost him the election.   Antonovich and Steve Cooley are now trying to figure out how to sue Jerry Brown to stop the flow of criminals back to LA County where they originated.

CBS Los Angeles reports, “The L.A. County Board of Supervisors does not agree with Brown’s repeated assertion that only nonviolent offenders will be freed. Antonovich told KNX 1070 realignment is a threat both to public safety and the state’s finances.”

The Daily Breeze reports, “Antonovich argued the county Probation Department should not have to supervise inmates such as the one scheduled for release Friday whose rap sheet includes assault on a peace officer, arson, rape, robbery, possessing a weapon in prison, and indecent exposure.” 

If Cooley could have only predicted this crisis, and had a little forethought or where with all to change the way his office runs, he may have prevented the mess he actually created.  By churning out as many as 60,000 felons, are we surprised the prisons are overcrowded, the state can’t handle them and unemployment is 12%?  We look forward to Steve Cooley and Michael Antonovich’s law suit and predict their solution will neither prevent criminals from being released nor prevent crime.  The crisis Steve Cooley created will soon be setting Conrad Murray free.  Shall we let Steve Cooley borrow Lindsay Lohan’s hand mirror so he can adore his reflection?  Because his “historic third term” is about to make history and Cooley the un-fairest of them all.


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Last week in Steve Cooley’s jail overcrowding saga: Lindsay Lohan Goes to Jail for 4.5 Hours

Lindsay Lohan benefits from Steve Cooley's prison overcrowding catastrophe

Lindsay Lohan benefits from Steve Cooley's prison overcrowding catastrophe

The overcrowding crisis continues to provide no punishment for repeat offenders and last week was no exception.  Lindsey Lohan has been in and out of court wasting the judge’s time, the prosecutor’s time and her defense attorney’s crime.  Although let’s face it, the defense attorney can’t be complaining, she is getting paid.  The rest of us are paying for the court system to listen to the judge’s sentence and lecture, that frankly, should have been given by Lilo’s mother when she was two years old.  We get to listen to and pay for the judge to tell Lilo to stop tweeting things that may irritate others.  Lohan will have to spend around 30 days in the morgue. 

Hopefully, Lindsay will see what it is like and smell what it is like when someone dies of an overdose alone.  The bodies on cold slabs may or may not be a wake up call for her.  But, Lohan will have to weigh the pros and cons of violating her parole.  If she violates her parole, she is still considered nonviolent and nonserious.  Sheriff Baca may have to show her the revolving door yet again. 

Lindsay Lohan takes up the tax payers court time

Zimbio reports Lindsay Lohan takes up the tax payers court time

The media time she gets when she violates parole, is more than what she doesn’t get when she behaves, so our predictions are that the Stupid on Crime policies of Steve Cooley and the DA’s office will serve no benefit in the rehabilitation of this young movie star.   Do a crime and pay no time for Lilo.  She can write a book about the morgue after 30 days.  There must be 15 cases a day revolving through the LA County coroners office.  For ten years Steve Cooley and his right hand policy makers (Jackie Lacey, but not to name names) have overcrowded the jails so much that there is no room by now for violent or nonviolent offenders.  Many people considered violent will actually qualify as nonviolent under the realignment plan AB 109.  Steve Cooley blames Jerry Brown, but who came first, ten years of Steve Cooley or a few months of Jerry Brown?  Steve Cooley created the jail overcrowding crisis and crime will certainly increase, especially the nonserious or nonviolent type because like Lilo, criminals see there is no punishment for behaving badly.

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Smart on Crime vs Stupid on Crime: Kamala Harris vs Steve Cooley

Smart on Crime vs Stupid on Crime
Smart on Crime vs Stupid on Crime

Steve Cooley blames Jerry Brown
AB 109 – The realignment plan for nonviolent prisoners is in effect.   Conrad Murray was convicted of manslaughter, but will soon be free due to overcrowding.  Steve Cooley blames his new problem on Jerry Brown.  Smart on Crime Kamala Harris soundly defeated District Attorney Steve Cooley in Los Angeles County in the race for California’s Attorney General, but what has changed?  Who has the best policies and ideas to prevent crime?

Why hasn’t the media covered the disaster that has been brewing for over 10 years in Steve Cooley’s office?  Has Cooley failed the people of Los Angeles County for the past 10 years by sending more low-level offenders to state prison and overcrowding the jails more than any other county in California?  We are going to keep readers updated and inform voters about who is responsible for Stupid on Crime policies.

We want to know what you think.

  • Who is responsible for the overcrowded prisons?
  • What led to the Supreme Court order to releas over 40,000 felons over the next few years?
  • How could this catastrophe have been prevented?
  • Who is blaming who?
  • Who is or is not working together to solve the problem?
  • Is the media looking into the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office?

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